Common Sense

Senso Comum

Curatorial Rationale


My art serves as a medium to channel my emotions, my ideals and my desire to change the status quo through social and political messages that confront social paradigms and popular beliefs.  In this exhibition, I express how I feel about the standards and norms, perpetuated by mainstream and social media that marginalize people who do not fit some arbitrary standard of beauty, race, gender or success. I mostly work with Graffiti. Fast becoming a valid form of social expression, I love its brevity and anonymity and especially the possibility of inviting a diverse audience to self-reflect. I am a true believer in Degas’ words: “Art is not what you see but what you make others see” and the messages I convey are directed to provoke an audience to take a stand against the distorted messages we are bombarded with in countless ways by the media. These messages, repeated often enough, become part of how a society thinks and behaves and I believe we are being taught to value the wrong things in life. In this exhibition I mostly experimented with spray paint and acrylic on wood and canvas in order to incorporate techniques that allow thick and well defined lines, solid colors and a signature look. The only artwork that deviates from this selection of materials is The Mask, which I used pencil in order to create the anguish and realistic portrayal of the face on the mask and the hand holding it. Other materials, such as gold were also implemented in order to emphasize the message I wanted to convey. The golden leaf used in the piece, Don. Joker, for example, highlights the power and prestige of the subject matter, which is a reference to Donald Trump. In addition, the piece is made in a maple wood board in order to create juxtaposition between the Joker, and the symbolism of the material. The relative large size of my pieces contributes to the impact I want to cause on my viewer. Since my theme is confronting the norm, my artworks challenge the spectator’s standard notion of what is acceptable in society and what is not and t. The selections of artworks have to due with the theme and the title of my exhibition, “Common Sense.” Another common thread among my artworks is the concept of behavioral expectations which I refer to the way individuals should behave in society. The canvas are nailed to the wall and the wooden boards are displayed on the ground to suggest a more urban and graffiti-style look. The artworks on wood derived from parts of a mini skate ramp, where they were originally painted. I strategically placed the smaller pieces on the wall on the left in order for my audience to view them first. The larger pieces on the right side of the wall are only visible from a short distance due to the panels, and I explore this concept of breaking expectations — my audience is not expecting pieces as large as those exhibited. As the ironic name suggests, Common Sense seeks to play with the expectations of my viewer to invite them to rethink such concept. The composition of my body of work clearly demonstrates my dissatisfaction to cultural norms and expectations of society. My work revolves around the essence of graffiti (public art) and were made with the intention of being publicly displayed.

Exhibition set up in the Graded Arts Center, consisting of a total of 8 pieces. The space is about 10 meters long and 5 meters wide. 

Exposição montada no Centro de Artes da Escola Graduada, composta por um total de 8 peças. O espaço tem cerca de 10 metros de comprimento e 5 metros de largura.